STA/MTA/SIL Accommodation

Get STA, MTA & SIL Accommodation in Perth

Your search for comfortable participant-friendly accommodations comes to an end with Being Human Support Services. We provide STA, MTA & SIL accommodations in Perth, where you can spend your time luxuriously. These are accessible and functional properties having all the amenities that you can think of. So, whether you are looking for a short or medium respite or want to live permanently in a luxurious accommodation, you should contact us now.

We are one of the leading providers of disability accommodations. For this reason, our properties are always high in demand. Nevertheless, we will meet your needs by considering your preferences. All you need to do is connect with us and provide us with a few details so that we can find accommodation for you and manage the tenancy agreements on our behalf.


Functional Short-Term Accommodations

At Being Human Support Services, we offer premium STAs that are fully functional and disability-optimised. These are spacious properties where you can move freely with your mobility aids. Besides, handrails and ramps provide additional mobility support. Thus, whether you wish to enjoy your respite alone or with your support staff, rest assured that it will be a fulfilling experience.

Luxurious Medium Term Accommodations

If you want to live in premium accommodation for a few more days, you can opt for our MTA properties. These accommodations have all the qualities that you can expect in our STAs. Most importantly, you should choose these accommodations since you will get an unforgettable experience, whether you are living alone or with your assistant.

High-End SIL Accommodations

By opting for our SIL accommodations, you can live peacefully as a participant with higher support needs. These properties are accessible, functional and spacious. Moreover, your support workers will also find it easier to help you with various tasks in these properties. So, end your search and contact us now.

USPs of Choosing Our Disability Accommodations

Opt for our disability accommodations since:
If you want to learn more about our accommodation, reach out to us without delay.
Fix a Discussion at Your Preferred Time
To schedule a discussion at your preferred time, call us or send an email so that we can get back to you and resolve your queries.